Search Engine Keyword Tracking

SEO Notes on PaperSEO tasks of checking search engine positions can be confusing and take hours..

Hunting down high-traffic keywords, which cost your time and often requires SEO expertise, is now available without the headache!

Insights into search engine rankings

Improvement in your keyword ranking position is not an exact science, but given enough time and effort you can significantly improve the rankings which can convert into new sales.

Search engine optimization is a service we currently offer our clients.  We provide SEO consulting, reporting, WordPress training, and on-page optimization services.  You can learn more about SEO at our parent site.Emajen Web Services - SEO

Website Ranking SEO ChartsTrack your search engine rankings.

No more spending hours on manually checking your site’s positions in search engines.

Just sit back and let us do the boring job for you.

Chess Board - Competitor SEO

Compare your keyword ranking to competitor’s

Compare rankings against competitor’s. This way you can keep a close eye on your rankings and those of the competition.

Search Engine Search BarSee how your keywords move up or down in the search engine results.

You will see the ranking difference and easily see if your site has moved up, or if it has moved down in position.  You can also see when keywords enter or drop from the rankings.

Compare TimeSee how your rank over time.

We keep a daily, weekly and monthly change record so you can see where your site ranks for any search term and compare to previous reports over the course of your service subscription.

Search Engine Search BarSupports more search engines than you knew exists.

You can track your rankings using the engine that matters most to you. The currently supported SEs include Google, Yahoo! and Bing, plus many, many, so many more…