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Statistics for websites using CMS technologies

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A content management system provides structured content management features such as the ability to store news documents, images, video and any other online content type imaginable.

They are used for websites that normally have multiple editors and sections and are used as the foundation on many large websites which include newspapers and governments.

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Why is this data important?

When choosing a CMS for your website platform it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into.  A CMS that is widely used will be widely supported.  Any CMS with a large developer community will have a larger support following.  Any time there is something that should be addressed or incorporated into the CMS, a large CMS following will bring that into existence faster.  This also keeps the cost for hiring a developer of the CMS low.

Here are statistics for WordPress and other popular CMS

We choose WordPress as our CMS of choice when building and designing websites.  It is the most widely accepted and supported CMS on the market today.

Top in Content Management System · Week beginning Sep 23rd 2013

The charts below show a break down of three sets of data.  The top 10,000 sites using defined CMS is based on the top 10,000 visited websites on the internet.  The second and third set of data reflects the top 100,000 and top 1,000,000 based on the same criteria.  It’s simple to understand if you think of it like this; the most visited websites on the internet will show data ranging from the number 1 visited website through 1,000,000 + visited websites.  A website like Google will show a rank of 1, being the most visited site on the internet, while a website ranking 1,000,000 will represent the millionth most visited website.

Here’s an example showing Google compared to Yahoo and Bing

Clearly Google is far more popular than Yahoo or Bing.  This is the same concept as represented by the charts below.

Chart of top 10,000 CMS using WordPress on the web.

These two charts show the top 10,000 visited websites.  You can see how WordPress is the most used CMS by the top 10k visited websites.  More than 10,000 of the most visited websites on the web use WordPress to manage their website.

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 2

Chart of top 100,000 CMS using WordPress on the web (below)

This chart shows the top 100,000 visited websites.  You can see how WordPress is the most used CMS by the top 100k visited websites.  More than 11,000 of the top 10,000 visited websites on the web use WordPress to manage their website.

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 5

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 7

Chart of top 1,000,000 CMS using WordPress on the web (below)

This chart shows the top 1,000,000 visited websites.  You can see how WordPress is the most used CMS by the top 1 million visited websites.  More than 120,000 of the top million visited websites on the web use WordPress to manage their website.

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 4

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 6



The chart below shows a break down of top sites using WordPress as their CMS

Here we compare all three sets of data.  The top 10k, 100k and 1million visited websites and which CMS are used by each.

WordPress Usage Statistics 2

CMS technologies Web Usage Statistics 3

If you can appreciate the examples I’ve outlined here, be sure to share with your friends and associates.  

I build and design all my websites exclusively on WordPress MultiSite, the most widely used CMS on the web today.


  • The New York TimesThe New York Times’ blogs cover everything imaginable, ranging from arts to economics.
  • CNNCNN hosts blogs for their many on-air personalities including Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
  • ForbesForbes is a leading source for reliable business news and financial information.
  • ReutersReuters’ blogs deliver critical news to decision makers, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization.
  • Maclean'sMaclean’s enlightens readers with investigative reporting and exclusive stories from leading journalists.

Fortune 500 Companies

  • General MotorsGM’s FastLane blog is a forum for GM executives to talk about GM’s current and future products and services.
  • UPSUPS’ Upside shares personal insights and perspective about the world’s largest trans­portation company.
  • eBayeBay Ink is your official source for information, opinion and perspective on eBay, Inc.
  • SonyPlayStation.Blog is where the people who create the PlayStation experience meet gamers & fans directly.
  • Best_Buy_Logo.svg Best Buy uses WordPress MU to power 1050 local store blogs & their mobile site


  • The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones’ website (“the World’s Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band”) including a complete discography and videos.
  • is curated by Jay-Z and covers a wide range of the artist’s interests.
  • Katy PerryKaty Perry is an American singer and songwriter. Her site offers videos, lyrics, ringtones, & more.
  • LollapaloozaLollapalooza is an annual music festival featuring heavy metal, alternative, punk and hip hop.
  • features over 1 million tracks, artist profiles, photos, videos, and new music daily.


  • izodLogo IZOD offers modern sportswear, high-tech golfwear, and performance wear with a clean, youthful aesthetic.
  • KinedaKineda is the definitive fashion and lifestyle web destination for today’s trendsetting young adults.
  • ModeliniaModelinia is the first entertainment web destination dedicated to the life of the Supermodel.
  • StyleWatchThe ultimate guide to the hottest celebrity fashion and beauty looks from the editors of PEOPLE.
  • HypebeastHypebeast is a lifestyle magazine that features the latest in men’s fashion, art, design and music.


  • AllThingsDAllThingsD is the home of technology writers like Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, and John Paczkoswsi.
  • GigaOmOm Malik’s GigaOm covers the ins and outs of Silicon Valley with a network of WordPress blogs.
  • TechCrunchTechCrunch is a blog about technology start-ups and is one of the top technology blogs on the web.
  •  vb VentureBeat is a blog specialized in following venture capital.
  • 9to5mac9to5mac publishes the latest news and rumors about the Mac and iOS devices.


  • FiveThirtyEightFiveThirtyEight is a blog dedicated to political polling written by Nate Silver.
  • SwamplandTIME’s Swampland offers political insight from the Beltway and beyond.
  • WonketteWonkette details the goings-on of the political establishment in Washington, DC and the U.S.
  • CNN Political TickerPolitical Ticker brings the latest political news and campaign coverage from CNN’s Best Political Team.
  • GOPHub of all information related to the Republican Party.

Famous Blogs

  • Boing BoingBilled as “the world’s greatest neurozine,” the editors at Boing Boing write about technology, science, culture, and much more.
  • BuzzMachineJeff Jarvis, creator of Entertainment Weekly, writes about the future of publishing at BuzzMachine.
  • Laughing SquidLaughing Squid is both a cloud-based web hosting company and a popular blog featuring art, culture, & technology.
  • MashableMashable covers entertainment, technology, gadgets, and the web with a focus on social media.