What Kind of Website Do I Need?

Posted Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 8:44 am in Weblogs

You have many options when deciding how to go about implementing a website for your business or personal endeavors.


Do it yourself websites…

DIYSYou have hosting companies like GoDaddy that offer TONS of tools so you can DO EVERYTHING.  Cool.  Go do it all.  It might be too much in reality.  Do you really need to know your way around a hosting control panel and manage the domain name records setup and everything else you CAN DO?  Maybe not.  Do you want to keep up with the things you HAVE TO DO like update software etc?  Ehh.


What you see is what you get.

WYSIWYGSquarespace and Wix and other WYSIWYG site builders are often either offered as an all-in-one hosting platform or a part of your hosting like GoDaddy and Website Tonight site builder but these are proprietary and gated property you never really own and could never do anything with in scale, I mean anything at all, sure, go for it. Have fun clicking around.

I prefer my code free range and open source…

For websites I have one answer: WordPress.  WordPress is a publishing platform.  It’s sole intent is to deliver content and keep it organized, well structured and that is the internet – billions of published pages of content organized and structured as such so the end-user gets information quickly and efficiently.

WYSIWYG and WordPress

iStock_000007847420XSmallSquareSpace and Wix or Website Tonight is just a hosted CMS solution for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio all of which is completely out of your hands and limited to what they grant access to.

By comparison these types of services offer a robust interface and their features are extensively tested prior to being launched – but it might come down to limitations of being closed off.

It’s a shortcut to having a simple yet good looking website.

Wix vs Weebly vs Squarespace vs Jimdo – Pros and Cons of Each

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWordPress is also a hosted CMS solution for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio.

The differences become apparent once you begin to define what your website is and what a blog does for your business and how this works to increase your online visibility.  

WordPress is not a shortcut.  This goes a different direction because while many see WordPress as something you install on a server for a website that part is irrelevant in terms of iEmajen WP Network.

Squarespace vs WordPress – Our Detailed Comparison

What’s the best? Is there a market for both?

If you don’t want to be at the backend of the backend trying to manage things then traditional hosting like GoDaddy probably won’t be a great fit.

If you’re serious about developing an online presence that is efficient and will grow with your business and work as hard as you do, SquareSpace and Wix wouldn’t be great either.

Go sign up for a free Wix account or Squarespace and just try it out, build your own website. Done and done if you’re pleased with your work.

When your business starts to increase, and you want to improve your online presence to further promote your brand or venue and the conclusion is that “we need to do something online.” You already did. Remember? “We need to upgrade.” Ok, now you’re serious about a website.

iEmajen WP Network

We run and maintain our clients WordPress and their WordPress is custom to their individual needs and as much or as little as they please is accessible for the novice and those more experienced.  If you’re lucky to get a photo uploaded or know how to write seven thousand lines of code that does something cool or interesting – WordPress could be a fit.

Emajen Web Services has it’s own WordPress.org with many of the same premium features and many that aren’t even available with WordPress.  I call it “iEmajen WP Network.”  So WordPress has wordpress.org for all their millions of sites and we have our WordPress at iemajen.com for all the millions of sites we have our eyes set on supporting.

What does all that mean?  There is no hosting control panel or domain name record keeping and all the this that and the other.  It is hosted on a dedicated VPS for Emajen Web Services procured as a MultiSite or Network of sites.  It’s nothing more than a WordPress site that can hold unlimited WordPress sites – just like WordPress.org.  Our only limit is how much juice we keep on the servers to support our clients WordPress.

Get started with your WordPress Website today – contact us.