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Posted Monday, September 9, 2013 at 12:01 pm in Help With Your Web Site

Easily create galleries in WordPress

iEmajen Network – Gallery Tutorial Video

Login to your website

Once logged in to your iEmajen website open an existing or create a new page / post.  On the left menu you will see Posts and Pages.  If you hover over the item you will see a drop down appear.  The drop down will give you options for accessing / creating content. 

Below you see what it looks like when Posts are hovered over.  There are two options available: All Posts and Add New.

All Posts will take you to an overview page with all your posts listed in ascending order based on the date created.  There are several quick edit options available here, but we will review that later.

Add New will take you to a fresh post.  Here you will have the standard editor where content is created.


Below you see what it looks like when Pages are hovered over.  You have the option to open All Pages, Add New, or directly open and edit an existing page.

Similar to above, All Pages will take you to an overview page with all your pages listed.  There are quick edit options here as well.

Add New will take you to a fresh page.  Once again, the standard editor opens for content creation.


What format do you choose? 

Posts are standard for unique or special sections on your website where content is added regularly.  Blogs, photo gallery and portfolio entries, content that is categorized are all examples of where a post is typically used.

Pages are static content that doesn’t get updated regularly.  You can edit existing and create new pages as easily as posts, but they aren’t the same.  Contact, about, bio, and home pages are typically using a page format.  Pages also serve as place holders for posts i.e. a portfolio entries added using the post format may be indexed on a portfolio page.  So in this case a page holds the posts.  This is how posts and pages differ.

 Creating a gallery in a Post or Page

Now that you have a page or post open you can create your gallery.  You can use existing photos or upload new photos.  For this tutorial let’s assume you are uploading new photos.

Add Media

Add New Post  media iEmajen Demo Sites  WordPressClick on the Add Media icon below the Title and above the Toolbar.

This will open the Media Manager where you can drag and drop photos and documents from your computer.

On the left, click Create Gallery.  Upload or select the photos you want included in the Gallery.  On the bottom right click Create a New Gallery.

gallery 1

This will take you to a page where you can organize your photos, set captions and set the option for how the photos will display i.e. number of columns to display and where the image goes when clicked. 

If you want your photos to open in a light box / pop-out, set Link To as Media File.

gallery options

In the bottom right corner click Insert Gallery.

gallery 2

Now you have created and inserted your gallery.  You will see a box within the editor now that has your gallery and the id for each photo with your settings.

Publish or update

Finish up creating or editing the content and save your work.

Add New Post - publish iEmajen Demo Sites  WordPress